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HBL Islamic Capital Preservation Plan


HBL AML’s Islamic Capital Preservation Plan (ICPP) offers potentially competitive riba-free returns via active allocations in shariah compliant equity and money market funds. Along with safeguarding your principles, Islamic Capital Preservation Plan also protects your principal investment.


HBL- ICPP will provide medium to long term investors a means to earn potentially competitive returns while aiming to preserve their principal investment. This allocation plan will utilize the dynamic asset allocation strategy of Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI) and allocate funds to Shariah Compliant Money Market, Equity Mutual Funds and Shariah Compliant Bank Deposits.

HBL- ICPP* will invest in the following Asset Classes:

Allocation Plan Limits
Shariah Compliant Equity Scheme(s) 0% – 50%
Shariah Compliant Money Market Scheme(s) 0% – 100%
Shariah compliant deposits in Islamic Banks / Islamic Windows of Banks 0% – 100%

*Duration of this plan is 24 months and is available from 19th July 2018 till 30th August, 2018.

Features & Benefits:

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