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TAX Rebate

Avail Tax Rebate by investing in HBL Mutual Funds and HBL Pension Funds 

Maximize your income tax rebate by investing in both HBL Mutual Funds as well as HBL Pension Funds. Not only will you save on taxes but you will also get an attractive return on your investment.

Investing and availing this option is easy. All you need to do is invest in HBL Mutual Funds before the end of tax year, i.e. June 30 and claim the credit in your tax return. You can avail rebate by investing in Mutual Funds up to Rs.2,000,000 or 20% of taxable income (whichever is lower) and also up to 20%* in Pension Funds.

Find your Tax rebate amount through our Tax Saving Calculator

How to Avail Tax Rebate

  1. Salaried individual should inform their HR / Finance Department about their investments by submitting the account statement. They will adjust the tax credit amount from the monthly income tax deductions.
  2. Self-employed individual can adjust their tax payable at the time of Income tax return filing.


*As per section 63 of Income Tax Ordinance, the investment amount eligible for tax credit is 20% of annual taxable income or actual investment whichever is lower. Additional investment of 2% p.a for each year exceeding 40 years shall be allowed up to June 2019, subject to maximum 30% of total taxable income of previous year.

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