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About Us

HBL Asset Management Limited (HBL AML) is a wholly owned subsidiary of HBL, the largest commercial bank in Pakistan. The company was incorporated in February, 2006 as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance 1984. It was licensed for Investment Advisory and Asset Management Services by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan in April, 2006.

The company launched its first fund in 2007 and has developed a track record of strong and consistent growth over the past decade. With a nationwide foot print of retail and corporate clients, HBL AML is one of the largest private fund management company in the country. During the year 2016, HBL AML acquired PICIC Asset Management Company Limited which has subsequently merged into HBL AML.

Our product suite includes both Conventional and Shariah compliant products. We are managing 19 Funds comprising of 17 Mutual Funds and 2 Pension Funds. HBL Asset Management is rated AM2+(JCR-VIS).

Conventional Mutual Funds

  • HBL Money Market Fund
  • HBL Cash Fund
  • HBL Income Fund
  • HBL Government Securities Fund
  • HBL Multi Asset Fund
  • HBL Stock Fund
  • HBL Energy Fund
  • HBL Equity Fund
  • HBL Growth Fund (Formerly: PICIC Growth Fund)
  • HBL Investment Fund (Formerly: PICIC Investment Fund)

Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds

  • HBL Islamic Money Market Fund
  • HBL Islamic Income Fund
  • HBL Islamic Asset Allocation Fund
  • HBL Islamic Stock Fund
  • HBL Islamic Equity Fund

Financial Plans

  • HBL Financial Planning Fund
  • HBL Islamic Financial Planning Fund

Pension Funds

  • HBL Pension Fund
  • HBL Islamic Pension Fund

Share Registrar
THK Associates is the registrar of the Close End Funds

Auditor of HBL AMC
A.F. Ferguson & Co. Chartered Accountants

Legal Advisor
Mandviwalla & Zafar, Advocates and Legal Consultants.

Size of Company
HBL Asset Management is a medium size company.

Company Registration Number & National Tax Number

S.No Entity Name NTN# Company Registration#
1 HBL Asset Management Limited 2605502-3          0053969
2 HBL Income Fund 2840798-9                 –
3 HBL Stock Fund 2975960-9                 –
4 HBL Multi Asset Fund 3042961-7                 –
5 HBL Money Market Fund 3639098-4                 –
6 HBL Islamic Money Market Fund 3791668-8                 –
7 HBL Islamic Stock Fund 3787847-6                 –
8 HBL Pension Fund 3902919-7                 –
9 HBL Islamic Pension Fund 3911828-2                 –
10 HBL Mustahekum Sarmaya Fund 1 4385456-7                 –
11 HBL Islamic Asset Allocation Fund 7158950-8                 –
12 HBL Investment Fund (Formerly: PICIC Investment Fund) 2130640-7                 –
13 HBL Growth Fund (Formerly: PICIC Growth Fund) 2151759-2                 –
14 HBL Energy Fund 2515114-2                 –
15 HBL Government Securities Fund 3608315-1                 –
16 HBL Cash Fund 3658579-3                 –
17 HBL Equity Fund 2689440-8                 –
18 HBL Islamic Income Fund 4290366-1                 –
19 HBL Islamic Equity Fund 4267935-4                 –


Balance Sheet & Income Statement
HBL Asset Management Limited HBL AMC is an unlisted company that has not required to publish Financial Statement on the company web site or in any other form.

Vision and Mission

Enabling people to advance with confidence and success.

Our Vision

Enabling people to advance with confidence and success.

Our Mission

To make our investor(s) prosper, our staff excel and to create value for our stakeholders.

Our Values

Our values are based upon the fundamental principles that define our culture and are brought to life in our attitude and behavior.

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