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Risk Profiler

HBL Asset Management’s Risk Assessment Questionnaire guides you to the best investment strategy that you can rely on and let your investment work hard to achieve your objective.

By answering few questions, we can help you choose the best mutual fund or investment plan depending on your risk appetite.

Risk Profiler
Please answer the following questions as candidly as you can. Your answers will help us determine the most suitable asset allocation model for you.

1) Please mention the age bracket you fall in:

2) I plan to keep my investment for:

3) I have enough savings to support my lifestyle for:

4) I would like my financial goals to be attained in:

5) I can relate myself to the following statement:

6) For further investment I intend to take:

7) If I incur substantial initial loss I would:

8) I usually invest/keep my money in:

9) Preferred Product Type:

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